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Welcome to Couture Surprises


Couture Surprises specialises in Cake Pops and sweet baked treats for every special occasion.

The founder of Couture Surprises Vuyisa Henry Akuchie first started her baking business in 2013 and was first asked to appear at the worlds famous Cake and Bake Show at Earls Court in 2013.

Vuyisa 's Cake Pops are a popular favourite for many cake and chocolate lovers, producing Cake Pops for weddings, special celebrations, business advertising, award ceremonies and business launches around London.

Couture Surprises Cake Pops were featured at the 2014 Asian Awards, which was held at the prestige Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

In 2019 Vuyisa was asked to produce sweet bakes for The Great British Bake Off Extra at the BBC Studios in London.

Couture Surprises signature Cake Pops have also featured in the prestige’s Guild of Fine Food magazine, Fine Food Digest 2019 Christmas special.

The sweet treats provided by Couture Surprises are limitless. Sweet treats include vanilla biscuits, Chocolo Pops, Cupcakes and Cakes are just a few to mention, personalised for event companies and personalised customers.

Vuyisa signature Cake Pops are well known for their creamy moist texture and sweet chocolate shell. Every Cake Pop is creatively handmade, to cater and create a couture creation to suit every special occasion.

Couture Surprises also runs private Cake Pop classes for young Cake Poppers who enjoy decorating and learning new Cake Pop skills.

Couture Surprises features monthly at Myddleton Road Market N22, providing her homemade, rich and flavorsome sponge cakes alongside Cake Pops and a variety of sweet and tantalising treats, the first Sunday of each month.

At Couture Surprises, we would like to thank you for your continued support, as we continue to creatively provide you with our creamy delicious Cake Pops and creative sweet treats for many years to come.

Welcome to every loyal and new Cake Pop lover to our delicious website, may you have the opportunity to experience the sweet tastes of Couture Surprises.

Love Couture Surprises x





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