Cake Price Guide

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Cakes

3-4 layers of sponge covered in buttercream. Please note these are START FROM prices. Things such as Chocolate Shards, flowers and metallic drips cost extra.

Chocolate Rum & Vanilla Cake

Our Chocolate Rum & Vanilla Cake is a three layered sponge cake. Two layers of delicious, light vanilla sponge and two layers of our chocolate rum sponge. Our chocolate sponge is a beautiful blend of creamy chocolate blended with juicy plump sultanas soaked in red wine and dark Caribbean rum.

Chocolate & Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream is used to cover each sponge in a silky, smooth covering as it  compliments each layer of our rum chocolate & vanilla infusion.

This cake contains 4 layers.

Additional Extras

Examples of items that will cost extra...

Cake topper


Simple 'happy birthday' etc. £4

Name and age printed toppers £8

Chocolate Shards & Chocolates 


Dependant on the quantity.

Metallic drip


Handpainted metallic gold, rose gold or silver drip.

Edible Prints


Images printed onto edible icing sheet.


Prices reflect the amount of time I put into designing, preparing and making your bespoke cake as well as the cost of the high quality ingredients used. 


If you are working towards a specific budget, please do get in touch as I may be able to help.

Accurate Quote

Contact me for an accurate no obligation quote.

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