Cake, Cupcake & Bespoke order information


We require at least a 'two weeks’ notice or more to ensure that your order has been placed.


If cancellation of an order takes place we reserve the right to retain your non-refundable 50% deposit. If cancellation takes place less than 7 days before the event then we reserve the right to seek 100% of the order value. 

Orders placed within 7 days of delivery must be paid for in full at the time of ordering. Please note: All cake,cupcake and bespoke orders must be paid for in full prior to the date of delivery or collection. 

Cancellation must be made in writing (by letter or email) and will only be deemed to take effect from the date your letter/email is received at our premises. 

If you postpone the event we will endeavour to transfer your order providing the date is suitable for ourselves, otherwise it shall be treated as a cancellation.

We retain the right to cancel the booking in very unusual circumstances beyond our control, such as fire or ill health, during which we will refund any money taken in full.


It is your responsibility to provide a full and concise brief for your order. If you provide photos, internet images or otherwise as reference for a brief, unless you state clearly that you have specific ideas about your design then we will interpret your ideas in our style using your images as a guide. 


It is your responsibility to read & check the quote thoroughly; any amendments to design should be made in writing. 

If requested, we will endeavour to adjust the design where possible, but sometimes this is not possible according to the nature of the request or amount of notice given. If the alteration affects the cost, or preparation work for the original design has already been undertaken, then your balance will be adjusted accordingly. Please warn us when you pay your deposit if you are undecided on the design. 

We reserve the right to change the design at any point if circumstances beyond our control, may compromise the quality of the finished cake pops, e.g. Melting due to weather. 

Each order is made individually by hand, so although every effort is made to ensure consistency, a small amount of variation may occur from the design requested / picture supplied.   

If you have any further questions in regards to your order, please leave us a message below.

We pride ourselves on our personal yet professional service.

Thank you for using our services.



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