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My name is Vuyisa Akuchie and I'm a self-taught/ family taught/ social media taught baker!

I come from a family of self-taught bakers.

Licking the bowl...

Being the eldest of 3 sisters, I would often get first dibs on licking the cake bowl; my sisters would have to find satisfaction in licking the wooden spoons and spatulas.

Licking the bowl was often the highlight of the whole baking experience for me!

My mother's fluffy vanilla sponge cake was a weekend favourite. The homemade smell of her warm, fresh cakes would always bring my sisters together.

You’re a feeder...

Visiting my grandmother's house was always like entering Aladdin’s food cave!

Her dining room table would be covered in a variety of cakes, black cake (Rum Cake) and beautifully decorated sponge cakes.

Yes my grandmother had a side hustle; she was the local baker in Tottenham for all your bakes and every special occasion.

Sugar = Love...

Being called into my grandmother’s kitchen was always filled with excitement, what quick sweet treats did she create?

Drizzled Iced, Digestive and Rich Tea biscuits topped with sprinkles!

Did I say sugar = love!
+ A sweet tooth and fillings!

What's a Cake Pop?

Watching an American baking show first introduced me to the world of Cake Pop's!

I was so intrigued with these bite size sweet treats and wanted to know about the entire craze.

Put in work...

I would spend hours watching YouTube videos on Cake Pops and trying to perfect my craft.

Friends and family would regularly be bombarded with my new found passion, Cake Pop's for birthdays, Christmas and just because.

This passion of baking slowly grew into a business after a friend offered me money to make a special order of a dozen Cake Pop's.

Couture Surprises was created!

So there you have it...

I look forward to sharing my journey with you, the highs and the learning experiences.

So it's time for you to enter Couture Surprises Sweet Treats Cave


Love Vuyisa x



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